Brewed for the culture.

Cultured Kombucha is brewed in Washington, D.C. and is a woman- and minority-owned business. We believe all communities should have access to and knowledge of internal health and wellness, so we brew this kombucha for culture, and for those who might otherwise overlook probiotic benefits.


Our mission is to craft a culturally relevant brand and suite of products that attracts minorities and lesser targeted populations to internal health and wellness. Additionally, to create a support network for the promotion of independent herbalists, showcasing creative tea blends through partnerships and new product development.


Here are some ways we're looking to create positive change for black and minority populations:

Tiny Leaf Program

Tiny Leaf is Cultured Kombucha's partnership program with the mission of bringing exposure to local, multicultural herbalists and tea brands. Each quarter, Cultured Kombucha selects one local herbalist's tea to create a seasonal, custom kombucha that celebrates the creativity and uniqueness of local tea blends.

Farmer's Market Strategic Targeting

Upon launch, Cultured Kombucha will be targeting farmer's markets that accept SNAP and EBT assistance dollars, as kombucha is an eligible item for purchase. Our priority is markets who also offer matching dollars for assistance funds, so recipients' money can go twice as far.

Local Farm Support

Sourcing matters. Not only does sourcing matter for the incredible impact the food distribution market has on carbon footprint, it also matters socially because underserved communities do not have access to enough products that are locally grown and not artificially kept alive through the food distribution lifecycle. Cultured Kombucha sources our produce from a local farm in the District that helps city schools activate their greenspace with gardening programs, and seeks to inspire healthy and sustainable living by empowering communities with tools and training for urban agriculture.

Photo credit: Angelica Tellez | Video credit: Jacob Tellez